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Attention DJs everywhere! The ultimate CD player has finally arrived. Pioneer's CMX-5000 -STEALTH- has broken free of the conventional wisdom that has governed the design of DJ used twin CD players for so long. In addition to the easy-to-use large jog dial and the other functions that have established the reputation of the CDJ Series, this model is equipped with the world's first Auto Mix Play function which is capable of performing fully automatic mixing of one song after another just as if a DJ was doing the work. With the CMX-5000 -STEALTH- everybody from beginners to professional DJs can easily create an exciting musical ambiance and keep an audience dancing enthusiastically.


Pioneer CMX-5000

Innovative New Functions
Auto Mix Play***

Armed with an original search system, the CMX-5000 measures a track's BPM and beat timing* and then automatically changes the speed to the designated BPM, thereby realizing smooth mixing even for tracks on a single disc that have different tempos.
Three Playback Methods are Available:
  • Track Mode: Performs mixed playback alternating between tracks from discs in both decks.
  • Disc Mode: Performs mixed playback of track on a single disc in numerical order.
  • Program Mode: Performs mixed playback of tracks in any designated order.
Track Playback Time is Adjustable:
  • Short Time Change:Switches the track at a shorter time.
  • Instant Change:Switches the track at the DJ's preferred time.
Versatile Mixing Variation:                                                     Click on a graphic to view video

Cut In Echo
Zip Cross Fade

The Auto mix function is very effective in the following situations:
  • At times when there no DJ is present in stores, malls, etc. , such as an weekdays nonstop background music can be played in DJ style using the establishment's favorite selections to help creative a more active atmosphere
  • In bars, restaurants or pubs where the staff work as DJs, the Auto Mix function results in considerable labor saving allowing the staff to devote more of their time to customer service.
  • When DJs playing at clubs,etc., need to take a short break to deal with urgent business or emergencies they can use the Auto Mix function to keep the music rolling
*  In case of no beat music, smooth mixing cannot be performed because the BPM or beat timing of certain songs can't be measured correctly.

**In the case of tracks on the same disc, cross fading cannot be performed.

***The CMX-5000, while revolutionary with Auto Beat Mixing capability, does have it's limitations just like any electronic device. There are certain variables, that if present, will cause the Auto Beat Mixing function to not function properly.A few things must be in order for it to Auto Mix:
  • Music must be within a ±16% ratio. If it is not within this range, not only will it not mix, but the beats will not match as well. The BPM's will stay the same (even with the BPM sync pressed).
  • There must be a steady consistent beat in the beginning of the song. A song that starts with just vocals or off beats rhythms will not mix. Any ±16% range BPM should mix if it is has a CONSISTENT beat.
  • You must wait a few seconds for the next song to cue up, before hitting "Instant Change". The player does have to calculate the beats of the next song. It needs just a few seconds to cue up. You will be know that it ready to go when:
    • If the next song programmed is on the other side, an orange colored "dash" going in a semicircle around the display appears.
    • If the next song programmed is on the SAME player, the autocue button quits blinking.
  • The "Instant Change" button must be pressed IN TIME. If you decide to use the "instant change", it must be done in time for it to auto mix.
DJ Operating Functions
The CMX-5000 incorporates and upgrades the functions of Pioneer's world-renowned DJ-use CD player-the CDJ. 700S/500-II and also boasts a number of brand new functions.

Clear Jog Dial
Although the player is a rack mount component, this design results in a larger jog dial and display which together realize higher operability and easy visual confirmation of the current playback status.

Quick Start

This feature permits virtually instantaneous playback with a time lag of less than 0.01 seconds from the pause condition.

Cue Functions (Cue Point/Back Cue/Auto Cue/Cue Paint Sampler)

Set your own favorite playback points using the above functions. For example, with Auto Cue, you can set the start point of each track automatically.

Tempo Control

The playback speed can be adjusted within three kinds of range. ±6/10/16%.

Master Tempo

With this feature, you can change the playback speed without altering the music's pitch.

Loop Functions (Seamless Loop/Realtime Loop/Loop-Out Adjust/Re loop)

Uninterrupted sound loops can be easily arranged, and with the Re loop function you can return at any time to a previously set loop.

Playing Address

The playing address allows you to check the current track's playback situation visually in paragraph units.

BPM Counter

This counter measures and visually displays the current song's BPM (Beats Per Minute).
Pioneer Gives You More

Legato Link Conversion for High Quality Sound
Equipped with Pioneer's original wide-range technology Legato Link Conversion the CMX-5000 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz which are lost during normal CD format playback.

Vibration-Proof Memory and Construction

The CMX-5000 boasts excellent vibration-resistant characteristics and prevents sound jumps with the double protection afforded by a maximum 8-second vibration proof memory and a special vibration proof construction.

Slot In

Thanks to this system, swapping discs is smooth and rapid, and you can say good-bye to worries about damaging the disc tray .

Slot-in mechanism

Mix Out

The CMX-5000 incorporates a Mix Out terminal that allows use even in cases where there is only one input system, the setup is restricted to a single amplifier, or there is no mixer input margin.


This function plays back not only CD's and CD-R's but also CD-RW discs that are impossible to play on a conventional CD player.

Headphone Monitor

This handy monitor function enables versatile sound monitoring.

Digital Output

The CMX-5000 is equipped with a digital output terminal.

Fader Start Play/Back Cue Play

Using the CMX-5000 together with a Pioneer DJ mixer, you can use the mixer's fade, to control playback operations such as track start and return to cue point.

System Compact disc digital audio system
Discs used Compact Discs
Power requirements AC 120V, 60 Hz
Power consumption 40 W
Operating temperature +41°F to +95°F
Operating humidity 5% to 85% (There should be no condensation of moisture)
   Remote controller
4 lbs 2.2oz
11 lbs 3.2oz
Remote controller
19" (W) x 2-7/8" (D) x 5-3/16" (H)
19" (W) x 10-9/16" (D) x 3-9/16" (H)
Audio Section
Frequency response 4 Hz to 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB or more (EIAJ)
Distortion Ratio 0.06% (EIAJ)
Specifications and design are subject to possible modification without notice