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DJs of all kinds from amateurs to club-circuit veterans will appreciate Pioneer's CDJ-300 - a pro-use player allows you to handle CDs in the traditional vinyl turntable way. Featuring frame-by-frame seach, cuepoint selection and a flat-top design with top-mounted controls, the CDJ-300 combines high cost performance with plenty of fun and excitement.


Vinyl Turntable Design
1) Jog Dial
- For a Closer-To-Vinyl Feel!
This large, quick-response dial makes frame-by-frame search and cue point selection easy and accurate while providing a closer-to-vinyl turntable feel.

Flat-Top Design
The CDJ-50011's top-mounted controls are easy to use, for DJs used to working with turntables.

3) Quick Start

When you hit the Play button the CDJ-500II starts the music instantly so you can match rhythms with pinpoint accuracy.

4) Playing Address

A light bar provides an at-a-glance graphic indication of elapsed playing time.

5) Tempo Control

A DJ-standard long-stroke slide allows quickresponse control over pitch and speed within the range +/-10%.

Digital CD Features
6) Master Tempo
An industry first, this new Master Tempo control locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo changes. Now you can vary the beat with no change in vocal or instrument tone.

7) Cue Functions

Auto Cue automatically locates the song's start point even if it differs from the track's 0 frame, while Manual Cue allows the cue point to be set freely. Also, using the Cue button, you can operate the player like a sampler.

The Manual Search button or the jog dial can make cue point a frame-by-frame search of the CD for the exact cue point you want.

Pioneer Gives You More
Fader Start Play / Back Cue Play
When the CDJ-300 is used with a DJM-500 or DJM-300 mixer, you can start the music with a fader or cross fader, or use them to return to the cue point.

Built for Professionals

Power and Eject button safety guards prevent accidental music cutoff, a pickup protective slide operates automatically when the CD door opens.

Disc Type: Compact Disc
(5 inch/3inch)
Frequency Response: 4 Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 106 dB or more
Dynamic Range: 96 dB or more
Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 0.0004%
Channel Seperation: 98 dB or more
Line Out: RCA PIN
Audio Output: 2.0 V
Power Requirements: AC 120 V
60 Hz
Power Consumption: 18 W
Net Weight: 9 lbs 1oz
(4.1 kg)