Pioneer CDJ-1000 Introduction
Pioneer’s CDJ-1000 revolutionizes the way to play with CD's.
Just like vinyl, you can stop the digital sound with your fingers
and cue up in exactly the same way.

Even bending the sound or scratching with no sound latency
is possible. Never before has a digital turntable so
successfully reproduced the sounds, feel, and creativity
of an analog one.

Through research and close communication with
professional DJs, Pioneer has been provided with the
challenge of developing the first true digital turntable
to feature such integrally analog features in a purely
digital environment.

The 1000 is changing the face of DJ'ing - stimulating
and inspiring the DJ to be more creative behind
their instruments, providing the DJ more features
with which to play, use, and experiment.

Have you ever heard the powering down of a
vinyl turntable or a DJ doing a backspin with
their vinyl? Well, Pioneer has now made that
possible digitally with the CDJ-1000.

Cue your CDs with the world’s largest touch
sensitive jog dial designed to emulate the
control characteristics of a Vinyl Turntable. The
added options of Vinyl or CDJ mode allows the
DJ to work the jog dial with or without touch

A great new memory feature allows you to store
Wave data “groove contrast” as well as Cue and
Loop points. The information can be stored on
a multimedia memory card (MMC) or on the
internal memory. So once you’ve stored your
favorite cue or loop points they’re there for life
(or until you want to change them).

The CDJ-1000 is designed For the Next Generation
of DJs with the world’s first:
• Vinyl Emulation – Touch Sensitive Jog Dial, Brake and Release
• Wave Display – Reads Each Track On The CD and Displays The Sound Level Graphically
• Internal or Removable Memory Card (MMC) for storing Cue, Loop, Wave and CD information
• Loop In and Out Adjust

These are just a few of the exciting new functions of the
CDJ-1000, which invite you into an unknown and exciting
territory of Djing, where you really are the controller and the
creator…question is…can you handle it?
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