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Cool Technology For The Hottest Mixes
The DMP-555 creates unprecedented opportunities for mixing audio downloaded from the Internet, allowing DJs to use a single unit to play authorized MP3 tracks from either a CD or Secure Digital (SD) Card. The compact and portable SD Card is quickly becoming the standard for high-capacity digital music storage.

By combining this technology with many of the stunning features established by Pioneer's Pro DJ range of CDJ Players, this unique Digital Media Player encourages DJs to experience new levels of creativity.

A sleek metallic finish stylishly encases an amazing array of technical features. These include highlights from the Pioneer CDJ range such as Seamless Loop, BPM Sync and the legendary Master Tempo.
The DMP-555 even has its own world-first: the revolutionary isolator feature that allows users to mute the low, mid or high ranges of a track on either CD or SD Card.

The DJ Booth software bundled with the DMP-555 helps users manage their digital music on PC, simplifying the process of CD ripping and managing authorized compressed audio files - such as MP3 - from the Internet. And the ability to transfer tracks to both SD Card and CD is yet another innovative feature.

For mixing and playback, the application simulates a set-up with two Pioneer CDJ players and a mixer, allowing users to benefit from unrivalled flexibility in mixing their favorite tracks and loops stored on their PC.
This winning combination of software and hardware makes the DMP-555 the essential Digital Media Player for aspiring and Pro DJs alike.
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